The extra virgin olive oil from Achaia Ladi Dymis is family produced, from home-grown olive trees which are located in Lousika, in the heart of Achaia. Derived from an olive variety which is 100% from Koroni. As producers, we adhere to the codes of good agricultural practice. Our olive oil is not filtered, but it acquires its clarity after remaining still in tanks for 60 days.

Ladi Dymis aims to combine the high quality and great taste of the fruity extra virgin olive oil from Achaia with modern and innovative packaging, offering a highly attractive outcome, satisfying even the most sophisticated requirements.

​Also, the transparent packaging showcases its rich colour.

Thanks to the kindness of the Greek land and the passion of Greek hands, the "High Premium Extra Virgin Olive Oil - Ladi Dymis" acts as a journey through the flavours and taste of this fine Mediterranean fruit.

For all these reasons, this is how we are opening up our family table to all of you.

Participations in Exhibitions & Festivals

View photos and information material from the participation of the extra virgin olive oil Ladi Dymis in European and international exhibitions & gastronomy festivals.

​Ladi Dymis in the International Anuga Food
and Drink Fair
(Cologne, 5-9 October 2013)

​Ladi Dymis in the European Meeting of Taste “European Cuisines”, Gastronomy Festival
(Patra, Tofalos Arena, 11-13 April 2014) 

Ladi Dymis in the International SIAL Food and Drink Fair​
(Paris, Parc des Expositions,
19-23 October 2014) 

Award by the International Taste and Quality Institute
-iTQi- based in Brussels

The extra virgin olive oil Dymis was awarded two stars for its quality and distinctive taste in the competition of the Commission of the International Taste & Quality Institute (iTQi).

The International Taste & Quality Institute -iTQi- which is based in Brussels, is a leading organization that aims to test and promote food and beverages of superior taste from all around the world. The judges are selected from the 16 most recognized chef and sommelier federations in Europe. The superior taste award is a unique recognition of product quality from major Chefs and Sommeliers, excellent opinion shapers and fully qualified in taste issues, based on their judgment, without the provision of basic information.

To discern the importance of an award by the iTQi, suffice to say that it is an international organization which cooperates with 16 international and national federations of chef and sommelier (mainly from Europe and particularly from France, Britain, Greece, Germany, Spain, Italy, Sweden, Belgium, Holland, Portugal, Turkey, and trans-European and international federations, such as Euro-Toques, World Master Chefs Society, Nordic Chefs Association and Association de la Sommellerie Internationale).
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